Barite Processing Plants In Nigeria

Barite Processing Plants In Nigeria

Analysis of the causes of damage of Barite Processing Machine bearings

In the Barite Processing Machine powder, the bearing is an important component and an accessory that is easy to wear. If the bearing wears, it will not only affect the quality of the grinding powder, but also cause the Barite Processing Machine to work normally and delay the grinding process. Here, we briefly analyze the reasons for the damage of the Barite Processing Machine bearing.

First of all, the bearing is a precision device. In the process of installing the Barite Processing Machine, if the installation is not in place or damage is caused during installation, such as extrusion and excessive force, the bearing will be cracked and deformed. In this case, the bearing itself has received serious damage, and with the high-intensity working environment, the damage of the bearing will be faster and heavier. Therefore, in the process of installing the Barite Processing Machine, it is necessary to gently handle the various consumable parts to avoid bearing damage.

Secondly, lubricating oil is an indispensable part of any equipment. During the operation of the Barite Processing Machine, the lubricating oil at the bearing part plays a very important role in the service life of the bearing. If the lubricant is not properly added, or too much oil is too small, it will not work well. In general, each type of Barite Processing Machine has detailed instructions, and the type, cycle, and cleaning schedule of each component added with oil have corresponding regulations. This requires us to pay attention to the timing check and addition of the lubricant when using the Barite Processing Machine.

Third, if the Barite Processing Machine roller assembly is inferior, during the grinding and milling process, dust is entered and the lubricant is contaminated. At this time, the sealing property of the added bearing is not good, and the fine powder will enter the gap along with the lubricant, forming grease stain together with the lubricant, affecting the lubrication effect, thereby increasing the bearing wear speed. If the powder is too much, causing the bearing to clog, the Barite Processing Machine will directly lock the phenomenon.

In addition, the long-term overload operation of the Barite Processing Machine is also one of the causes of serious bearing wear. During the grinding process of the Barite Processing Machine, the heat generated at the bearing part is fast. If the equipment is overloaded for a long time, it will not only increase the bearing pressure, but also cause damage to the bearing. Moreover, excessive overload fatigue operation will also accelerate the wear and aging of the equipment, seriously affecting the service life of the Barite Processing Machine.

After the new bearing is installed, it needs to be inspected carefully. After the inspection with the professional instrument, the inspection is carried out without any error.

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