Stone Automatic Crushers For Sale In China

Stone Automatic Crushers For Sale In China

Stone Automatic Crusher

Stone Automatic Crusher —— the core equipment in the gravel aggregate production line, which can be used to achieve the sand-making of the coarse-grained sand and gravel material, so as to obtain the better-quality building aggregate, which shows that The Stone Automatic Crusher shoulders heavy responsibility in the production of building aggregates. Based on this, the following will be a brief description of the relevant knowledge of the Stone Automatic Crusher, the specific details are as follows:

Investment prospects of Stone Automatic Crushers

1. Sandstone is one of the important raw materials for infrastructure construction in China. With the depletion of domestic natural sand, river sand and other resources and the government’s efforts to control mining, the replacement of natural sand by machine sand has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. The stone market will definitely heat up the selection of the Stone Automatic Crusher, the artificial machine sand production core equipment!

2, Stone Automatic Crusher sand raw materials are more sufficient, generally as long as there is a place where stones can produce machine sand, in addition, at any time Stone Automatic Crusher production technology continues to improve and progress, urban construction waste and mine tailings can also be developed into machine sand Raw materials, so compared to anytime, anywhere, will be “natural picks”, the selection of Stone Automatic Crushers that can produce high-quality sand and gravel materials is more reliable.

3. With the requirements of infrastructure construction technology and the development of high technology, the market puts forward higher requirements on the quantity and quality of sand and gravel. The amount of natural sand that can meet its requirements is less and less, or even not, so The high quality sand and gravel aggregate produced by the Stone Automatic Crusher has become more and more important in the construction project and has become an important source of construction sand. Therefore, the investment ratio of the Stone Automatic Crusher in the future market will certainly not be too small.

the Stone Automatic Crusher cooperates to form the building aggregate production line

In terms of the general construction aggregate production line configuration, in addition to sand crusher, the entire production line will also be equipped with some auxiliary sand making equipment, such as Stone Automatic Crusher and cone crusher. , the feeder, the conveyor, etc., the specific sand making process is as follows:

The stone is blasted from the mountain, and the stone material of less than 1020mm is sent to the vibrating feeder through the dump truck, and the vibrating feeder is evenly sent into the Stone Automatic Crusher for coarse crushing, and the stone after the crushing and crushing is transported. The machine is sent to the cone crusher for fine crushing. The finely crushed stone is sent to the vibrating screen for screening by the belt conveyor. The material of 40 mm or more is returned to the cone and broken again to meet the sand-making granularity, which is fed by the conveyor. Further crushing and shaping is carried out in the sand making machine, and the material of 20 mm or more is returned to the Stone Automatic Crusher for fine crushing. The material less than 20mm is sent to the circular vibrating screen for screening and packaging. In addition, if the sand aggregate is cleaned, it can be sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning.

the performance advantages of Stone Automatic Crushers listed

1. The sand and gravel fine material treated by the Stone Automatic Crusher is mostly cubic, the gradation is reasonable, and the impermeability and anti-slurry performance are also good. It can completely replace the natural sandstone for the current harsh construction sand.

2, the same operation, the same power ratio, Stone Automatic Crusher sandstone output is 1-2 times the traditional sand making equipment, and the operation is stable.

3. The unique air self-circulation system of the Stone Automatic Crusher greatly reduces the amount of air discharged and reduces dust, which greatly improves the environmental protection capability of the equipment. In addition, in order to better achieve green production, the Stone Automatic Crusher is equipped with a variety of dust removal equipment.

The above is a brief description of the equipment related to the Stone Automatic Crusher. If you need it, please feel free to consult A&C online at any time. Here is a professional Stone Automatic Crusher sales manager who will answer you in real time online.

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